Looking for meats to go and by the pound?

When you stop by The Shambles you'll see our deli case up front full of house-cured meats. We've been working hard to prepare coppas, salamis, ham, jerky, prosciutto, etc etc. Unfortunately these preparations take time and we simply do not have enough to sell by the pound without running our restaurant out. We plan to increase production over the coming months and hopefully have a full market case up and running by the summer. 

The Butcher

Our in-house butcher is responsible for all of our meat preparations, though we are not selling raw meats at this time. 

In the future, with enough interest we would like to begin sourcing whole animals from local ranchers and pre-selling them through our restaurant. If you are interested in such a program (I mean, who doesn't want half a beef? come on!) please send us an email at theshamblesseattle@gmail.com or info@delimeatsbar.com.