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The Shambles

Seattle's Neighborhood Bar & Butcher


The Shambles

Seattle's Neighborhood Bar & Butcher


A Neighborhood Destination

The Shambles is Seattle’s neighborhood bar and butcher. We believe in local food, fresh beer, and sustainably sourced meat. We are bringing the farm to bar experience to the Seattle community with house prepared meats, handcrafted sandwiches, and small plates made from the finest ingredients available.

Our wood filled bar serves classically inspired cocktails and the best beers in the Pacific Northwest. Our in-house butcher allows us to connect with small farmers and provide our restaurant with phenomenal steaks and chops, freshly prepared sausages, and house cured charcuterie.

The menu changes with the seasons and reflects our commitment to all things natural, local, and delicious. Shop the select goods and charcuterie in our small market or relax in our cozy bar amongst friends.

We look forward to serving you and yours.
Questions? Contact Matthew Brady at or Joel Klemenhagen at

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We are open every single day of the week from 12pm-9pm.
Saturday and Sunday we open early at 10am for brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch?
Thursday-Saturday we stay open until 11pm for late night.

Saturday - Sunday 10am-4pm

Monday - Friday 12pm-4pm

Happy Hour
Everyday 4pm-5pm

Everyday 5pm-9pm

Late Night
Thursday - Saturday 9pm-11pm

Our kitchen closes at 9pm every day, but our late night menu is available from 9pm-11pm Thursday-Saturday.


The Shambles will be closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Monday January 6th for our staff holiday party.




In the Heart of Maple City


We are located at the intersection of Maple Leaf, Ravenna, and Lake City Way at 80th and 15th Ave NE, one block south of Lake City Way. We like to call our little neighborhood Maple City. Our parking lot is accessed from the alleyway off 80th. If you've had too much to drink, metro bus #73 is located right in front of The Shambles heading south, and one block north when headed northbound. 

7777 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

The Shambles Seattle Reuben__1.jpg



Kitchen Hours

Brunch 10-4 (Saturday-Sunday)
Lunch 12-4
Happy Hour 4-5
Dinner 5-9
Late Night 9-11 (Thursday - Saturday, Limited Food)

Dinner (sample menu) - Updated 3/12/19

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Lunch (Sample Menu) - Updated 3/21/19

Lunch - 3.18.19-page-001.jpg

Brunch (Sample Menu) - Updated 12/5/18

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Joel Klemenhagen - Owner/Manager

Literally the tallest man on planet earth next to Sasquatch. Looks hilarious in a car-2-go. Joel is affectionately known as "Joel Foods" after years of serving the fine folks of the Roosevelt Whole Foods the most ridiculous Barleywines this side of a '95-'03 run of Bigfoot. Joel prefers his fruited sours to have a PH of 1.3 or lower and his IPAs "DANK". Wizard of bourbon bitters, smoked pastramis, and pickling, Joel is ridiculously EXCITED to see you in the bar. 


Matthew Brady - The Other Guy that’s not Joel

Thoroughbred, grass-fed, and hazelnut finished Hobbit Stock. Loves excess clean glassware, second breakfast, and elevensies. Turns everything to 11. Former captain of the guard at the Fremont Brewing taproom, Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, and most highly exalted alter boy of the seventh dimension. His palette detects 2 parts per billion diacetyl and the smell of munich malt from 70 yards. Does not like bubble baths. 


Seamus Platt - Head Chef

Elusive yet efficient, Seamus is the ultimate master of the Meat Temple. He achieved enlightenment after drinking seven quarts of kombucha and taking shots of pickling liquid on a slammed Saturday evening. In that elevated state he wrote the "Meat Bible" and our charcuterie program was born. You'll find him out back stoking the fire in Norma Jean (our smoker) or pickling things not meant to be pickled.


Scott Johnson - Head Butcher

Head Butcher Scott Johnson got his start in the industry working for Michelin star chefs in New York City after attending culinary school. He quickly fell in with the wrong kind of people and after a harrowing moose hunt where he field dressed a moose surrounded by ravenous wolves, he cast away his obsidian butchery knives and returned to his home state of Washington. A master of the hacksaw, the bonesaw, the seesaw, and tetris, his email is if you need a cut of something special.